Usually when one of our servers crash it should automatically restart within 3 minutes of it crashing. However, sometimes this may fail to occur and you should alert a member of staff and they will forward it to the Owner and the server will be back up as soon as possible. Please refrain from sending messages directly to the Owner or telling more than 3 staff members, this does not help the situation and can increase the time it takes for the problem to be solved.

To suggest a feature, please visit our Trello. You can find our Trello here

You can apply for staff on our forums. You can find our forums here.

Currently our Panel only offers payments through PayPal however depending on the situation we may accept other means of payment for donations. If you would like to pay with any other method, please contact Tom.Bat via Discord. If you are not in our discord please click here to join.

All profits go towards the expenses of development and server hosting to keep us going.

Unfortunately, we are unable to swap pre-made jobs for custom jobs or vise versa. In the future we may allow this after the creation of StarwarsRP V2. 

Unfortunately, we are unable to transfer your donation benefits across servers due to complications that it may cause and also it may affect the availability of jobs on other servers.   

Any payment sent through our store is classified as a donation, this means that we do not offer refunds under any circumstances as it may cause major financial issues within the community and may result in the community being shut down. For further information visit our terms and conditions can be found here.

A cleanup bind is very useful as a staff member as it cleans up a lot of lag for most players. We suggest you set up your bind to a key that isn't pressed by accident a lot as it can fill up the chat a lot, an appropriate key would be the letter 'L'.

To make this bind cleanup ragdolls put this in your console:

bind "l" "ulx removeragdolls"

This will clean up all dead bodies when pressing 'L'.

You can then add ulx cleardecals on the end of the command but putting a semi colon after ulx removeragdolls, it should then look like this:

bind "l" "ulx removeragdolls;ulx cleardecals"

Now your command will clean up ragdolls and decals which will remove some lag.

You can then add 'vj_cleanup_all' at the end of the command if you would like your bind to cleanup the dead bodies of NPCs, adding this to your bind will most likely decrease at least 70% of the lag at the time depending on how many dead NPCs are lying about. Please note that this command can sometimes break because of a bug within VJ Base so please don't use it too often.

Overall this is what your bind command will look like:

bind "l" "ulx cleardecals;ulx removeragdolls;vj_cleanup_all"

Now you have this bind set up you will be able to keep the server clear of any unnecessary lag during events or simulations.

Making an administrate bind is relatively simple for people who are used to making binds in Garry's Mod. For our bind we will be using the letter 'V' on the keyboard. Please note that making a bind over an existing bind will just overwrite the existing one so you may want to use a different key if you use noclip a lot on other servers.

First of all you will need to go to your Garry's Mod game directory. This can be found by going on steam, right clicking on Garry's Mod in your library, showing the properties menu, selecting the local files tab and then pressing the the button that says browse local files.

Now that you are in here you will then need to navigate to your config directory, this is inside of the folder named garrysmod and then the folder called cfg. Once you are in this folder open up autoexec.cfg with your text editor, if the file doesn't exist simply create it.

Put the following text into the text file, if it already has text in it put this at the bottom of what is already there.

alias toggleon "ulx administrate; bind v toggleoff"
alias toggleoff "ulx unadministrate; bind v toggleon"
bind v toggleon

If you are setting up this bind with a different key simply replace the three occurrences of the letter 'V' with your own key.

Once you have saved this file restart your Garry's Mod client and you should now be able to toggle your administrate bind in game with the key you set.

As a staff member it is very important that you watch over the players so you can enforce the rules. The easiest way of doing this is by going on duty. When there are more than 25 people on there should be at least one staff member on duty, if there are more than 50 then there should be at least 3.

To go on duty use the administrate command to fly somewhere out of the map so people don't think you are AFK. From there you should then use the spectate command to watch over the players on the server.

The spectate command is more effective than using administrate to watch players as it allows you to use first person, see where all of the players are on your HUD, and listen to their conversations without them knowing you are there.

When you go on duty we suggest that you set your name to on duty so people will prioritise you to get help over other staff that may not be on duty.